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Recent DUI Case Results

Note:  We cannot guarantee any particular outcome in your case.  We strive for success in every case. These are examples of our recent successful cases.   


Commonwealth v. Brad M.. (December 2019)
3rd Offense, Controlled Substances –
Charges Reduced, No Jail


Commonwealth v. Mark L. (December 2019)
1st Offense, Controlled Substances – Charges Reduced, No Jail, No suspension

Commonwealth v. Adam C. (October 2019)
3rd Offense, General Impairment – Not Guilty

Commonwealth v. Edward M. (September 2019)
2nd Offense, Highest Rate – Charges Reduced, No Jail Time

Commonwealth v. Jared P. (September  2019)
1st Offense, General Impairment – DUI Charges Reduced.  Job Saved.

Commonwealth v. Nick C. (September  2019
1st Offense, Highest Rate – DUI Charges Dismissed CDL & Job Saved

Commonwealth v. Charles F. (August  2019)
1stOffense, General Impairment– DUI Dismissed CDL & Job Saved

Commonwealth v. Crystal P. (July 2019)
1stOffense, Highest Rate– Charges Reduced – No Jail. No Suspension

Commonwealth v. Vincent J. (July 2019)
2ndOffense – Controlled Substance– Charges Reduced – No Jail.

Commonwealth v. Jaime V. (June 2019)
1stOffense- Controlled Substances- No Jail. No Suspension.

Commonwealth v. Howard M. (May 2019)
1st Offense, High Rate - Charges Reduced

Commonwealth v. Jaime V. (May 2019)
1st Offense, Drugs -  Charges Reduced

Commonwealth v. Christopher H. (Mar. 2019)
1st Offense, Highest Rate – Charges Reduced.

Commonwealth v. Brent F. (Mar. 2019)
2nd Offense, Refusal w/ Accident – DUI Charges Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

Commonwealth v. Clint T. (Mar. 2019)
3rd Offense, Refusal – DUI Charges Dismissed – No License or CDL Suspension

Commonwealth v. Doug P. (Feb 2019)
2nd Offense, Highest Rate -  Charges Reduced

Commonwealth v. Joe H. (Feb 2019)
1st Offense, Highest Rate – Charges Reduced. No Jail. No Suspensio

Commonwealth v. Stacy W. (Jan 2019)
2nd Offense, Controlled Substance – Charges Reduced. No Jail.

Commonwealth v. Len G. (Dec. 2018)
3rd Offense – Highest Rate -  No Jail Time

Commonwealth v. Stacy W. (Dec. 2018)
2nd Offense – Controlled Substances -  Charges Reduced No Jail Time

Commonwealth v. Gary N. (Nov. 2018)
1st Offense – Controlled Substances -  Charges Dismissed

Commonwealth v. Eric B. (Sept. 2018)
1st Offense – Refusal -  Charges Dismissed

Commonwealth v. Keri T. (Sept. 2018)
1st Offense – Controlled Substances – Charges Reduced

Commonwealth v.  D.P. (August 2018)
3rd Offense-Controlled Substances -  Charges Reduced

Commonwealth v. Mary P. (August 2018)
2nd Offense- Highest Rate  Charges Reduced (No Jail Time)

Commonwealth v. James D. (August 2018)
2nd Offense- Highest Rate  Charges Reduced (No Jail Time)

Commonwealth v. Steven H. (June 2018)
First Offense – Refusal/Accident -  Charges Reduced (No Jail Time)

Commonwealth v. Allen M. (May 2018)
2nd Offense- Highest Rate-  Charges Reduced

Commonwealth v. Cheryl H. (April 2018)
2nd Offense- Highest Rate  (No Jail Time)

Commonwealth v. Joshua Q. (April 2018)
2nd Offense- Controlled Substances-  Charges Reduced

Client Reviews:

Great Attorney: I hired Dean Morgan to represent me in a dui charge I received. I’m a West Virginia resident so even though Pennsylvania first offense is not to strict, I was facing a year suspension in West Virginia if found guilty. After reviewing dash cam footage Dean Morgan convinced prosecutor that there was no probable cause for initial traffic stop therefore anything after that fact would be inadmissible in court. I walked away with a 100$ fine! I could not have been happier! I urge you, if you ever need a good dui attorney, Dean Morgan is the guy to call!!!

Five Stars: Dean was very helpful in my case. After speaking with him on phone I hired him the following day to represent me. I had a unique case that needed a specific approach. He was able to work thru all the lil issues and was able to get my desired result.No matter what your circumstance is, he'll be there to walk you thru it every step of the way.

Beyond Grateful:  From the beginning, Dean and his assistant Ashlee listened, in detail, to absolutely EVERYTHING that I told them. They both listened with professionalism, and exhibited compassion for my particular situation. Dean is the attorney, but Ashlee is his right arm as she ensures that EACH detail is noted and that Dean is appropriately notified. They made an extremely SCARY experience tolerable and while Dean gave me no guarantees, he assured me that he would research my situation and represent me appropriately.
Needless to say, my expectations were SURPASSED. I would HIGHLY recommend Dean. Thank you to both Dean and Ashlee for being two of the most educated, competent, compassionate individuals that I have ever worked with professionally. If you are currently seeking representation, Dean and Ashlee are your answers.

Tier 3, 2nd Offense, Not Guilty : First and foremost I would like to thank you again Dean for everything you have done for me. I hope in some way I can repay the favor. Yourself and Ashlee were nothing short of amazing. As I read several other reviews, all with the same praise, I can only imagine the hours and dedication Dean puts forth to his job. In 2015 I screwed up again. At that time I was lost in what, where, how I was going to get through it. From day one I had nothing but confidence in my attorney. Dean is a straight shooter. No false hopes. Never did I feel like I was just another name on his schedule. He explained thoroughly every step of the process. And If there was any questions I had, at all random times, I would have an answer within minutes. All I can recommend is to take my advice if you get yourself in my previous position. Make Dean your first pick. He went above and beyond my expectations. Very professional, in my situation very cost effective, all in all considering, a good experience.
Thank you again Dean! Sorry to meet you in this circumstance. It's been an honor.

Miracle Man:  I got back to back DUI'S about 5 years ago and Dean was about to get a plea deal for me that was so amazing that no one could hardly believe! I was told if I got another one in the next 10 years I would be looking at 1 year in prison up state. Well about 10 months ago I screwed up and got another DUI, he once again "pulled a rabbit out of a hat" for me. I only got sentenced 10 days in county prison with a 12 month suspension of license. His background makes him very competent because he understands the system better than anyone else. He used to be a police officer, then worked for the district attorney's office, and then became a defense attorney which is why I'm convinced he is the most qualified attorney for representing anyone with DUI charges. He's always available and quick to respond back. Also when your consequences are over and any problems come up you can still get advice about dealing with any or all issues. I tell everyone if they ever get a DUI to contact him cause he doesn't sugarcoat anything but gets you the best results possible! To anyone considering hiring him to represent you I'm telling you you'd be a fool not to hire him!! Thank you Dean, I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me and I cannot truly express my gratitude to you in words except that you are my "Miracle Man". Your an amazing attorney but you are also an excellent person!! Thank you again for all you've done for me!!

Dean Morgan is without a doubt the best DUI Lawyer in Pennsylvania. His extraordinary breadth of knowledge and experience sets him apart from any other lawyer.
He tells you that he is different. More importantly, he shows you that he is different. He practices exclusively in the area of DUI Defense.When I first spoke with Dean, I was impressed with his confidence. More importantly, I was impressed with his willingness to share information with me. Unlike other lawyers who refused to give me information until I came to their office, Dean and his assistant Ashley, immediately took an interest in my case.